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Discover the variety of work involved in clinical trials. In our seminars you can learn the skills you require in practice

Clinical research plays an important part in the development of innovative drugs, medicinal devices and diagnostic and therapeutic methods. The planning, implementation and management of clinical trials demands a high degree of professionalism. Well qualified specialists for clinical trials are the most important prerequisite to ensure the high quality of a clinical trial and of the processes it requires. This has prompted CenTrial to develop a seminar programme for the various areas involved in a clinical trial in collaboration with different partners.

The participants receive teaching and support from lecturers involved in practical clinical trials to ensure that the training is close to real practice. Our course instructors are specialised experts from the pharmaceuticals and medical device industries, from authorities and federal institutes, the biometric and legal fields as well as from various specialist departments and institutes at university hospitals and from CenTrial. Furthermore CenTrial offers inhouse seminars according to your needs.

The following pages contain information on the different seminars and the university course "Master of Science in Clinical Research".

Detailed information and the dates of the seminars are to be found on our German site.

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